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Honour Guard 06

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Ok so i finally managed to finish him to a standard im happy with. i think there are areas where i could go back and touch up but for now i'll show you all the finished result. Comments criticisms and any advice is welcome as always

 Honour Guard BB Final 01

Honour Guard BB Final 02 

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Painting and Modelling , Warhammer 40K


  1. james's Avatar
    I've not seen this blog before, but I just thought you should know that this mini took my breath away (o: If I had to offer any sort of critique of it I'd probably pick up the highlighting on the red of the cloak - maybe it's a little harsh could it be washed a little to tie in more with the book and loin section? Then it would look more matt which would be a nice counterpoint to the (superb) blue nmm. Ditto the scrolls on the banner - maybe a little less contrast would make the writing more legible? Lastly and most significantly, the base doesn't actually add anything to the model at the moment, maybe think how you can get a bit of background into the model with a different (not necessarily much larger) base. Then he's a real marine with the hundreds of years experience that we know him to be as well as a tour de force in how to paint exquisite miniatures..

    Purely personal opinion of course, I wanna say again that I really love the model dude, it's awesome!


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