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Boss Khamzi

Hi There!

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Welcome to my Coolminiornot.com blog! Thanks for the look.

First off I am a returning minature gamer. Seems my boys brought me back to gaming. ANd I found out that over the years I could actually paint. Now mind you... Im not too the level of most I have seen here but I am improving at a scary rate. The newer techniques that were so guarded in the past are layed before us at all turns on the web. Also, I have found a few (younger than me) friends and merchants who will help me learn. It doesn't hurt that they offer contests which make me want to perform better as well.

I have competed on the local level. I am not the best painter at the local GW but I have done quiet well recently. Presently I am contemplating entering GD09 in Baltimore. I have been at GD07 and 08. This would be my first regional entry. I am not expecting to do well just make a showing.

So nice to meet you... don't cruxify me so fast I am still learning... and old men might learn slowly.



Boss Khamzi

Screw 'dat! I am riding wif deez boyz! 

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  1. boss khamzis girl's Avatar
    Since you can't beat them seems I have joined hubby and kids in the wonderful world of gaming and miniatures! Wish I had found all this stuff many years ago when it was easier to see!!

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