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Techmarine 01

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Ok so keeping in line with my marine phase and trying out different techniques, i was asked to write a tutorial for how i painted my blue armour. I thought i'd try it with red on the techmarines armour.

 Firstly was a watered base colour of scab red trying to leave the darker areas with as much black base colour as i could.

 Red 00

Then following the thin layers of scab red i added slightly more thin layers of scab red to the edges and the highlighted areas. Following this i added some blood red to my palette. Successive thin layers to the lighter areas.

 Red 01

After this i did pure blood red watered down and following even smaller areas of the red. Normally at this stage i used to stop but i know my painting needs more contrast so i added some bleached bone to the mix. The thin layers around the top of the knee pad and the top part of the armour.

 Red 03

Then finally some cleaning up of the blend using some watered down red wash and reapplying some of the bleach bone and blood red mix gave me my final look.

Red 04 

I hope this is helpful to people, any comments and criticisms are welcome. I've not finished the base btw i always like doing the base partially in case i get some other paint on it, but i like having a feel of the atmosphere with a model so i do the base.

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