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Techmarine 02

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With the highlights on nmm, i always visualise an imaginery light source or two from certain points on a model, in this case i looked at it using the corner of the base. Now all highlights will come from that one area, and the light in general travels in straight lines. The edges of armour in general pick up the lightest areas. When i first started doing nmm i spent hours and hours looking at other models and also "googling" pictures with shining metallic surfaces such as looking at bikes and cars etc. A key point with NMM is getting the blends smooth and in a small area to move from dark to light blends. Im not really sure how much of this makes sense, but in my mind it does lol. I will do two more followup tutorials on this techmarine for you all to see, one will be on steel NMM and the other is gold NMM, this will give you an idea of what to do with colours and spread of highlighting i hope .

Techmarine 02

Still need work on the wires trailing in front of his legs and add some shading to the skull and some writing on the little scrolls above the leg. I like the model, its all so detailed, so it should keep me busy painting.

Anyway no more updates until next month for now, i'll be across the world in Hong Kong for a while so enjoy the wip

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