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Techmarine 06

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Ok for a big tutorial kinda. I apologise for the images initially, since photography has never been my strong suit. It does show my errors in painting but it can all be cleaned up. But you can see my blending isnt as smooth as i like.

So i started on a brass/gold colour for the handle of the model. A base coat of scorched brown, don't worry about being too neat as you can always tidy up at different stages.
Techmarine 12

This was then followed by several layers of bestial brown. Snake bite leather would be more prefereable for gold but i ran out and forgot to get some more.
Techmarine 13

Then i added some yellow to the mix, approximately a 3:1 bestial brown to yellow. Then i watered it down and put down a couple layers to highlight the shaft handle.
Techmarine 14

Another progressive highlight of more 1:1 bestial brown to yellow now.
Techmarine 15

For a final highlight i added some skull white to the mix and this gave me a nice bright colour.
Techmarine 16

Now to make it more "brass-like" i watered down some brown ink and gently covered the handle to sit in the recesses but also put slight colour to my highlights, this gave me a brass colour.Techmarine 17
================================================== ========

Then i did the grey nmm on the model. The problem i have always found with grey is that if you don't do it smoothly and correctly with enough contrast it will look more like stone then metal. This is something im still working on but i think im improving alot better. The first and initial prep work was to give it all a nice base coat of black to make it all clean and tidy. Then i mixed some adeptus battlegrey (foundation grey) with black ink. Applying this all over leaving a black line across areas, but don't worry too much about that because you can go back and use black ink on the edges etc.
Techmarine 18

The next step was to use a pure adeptus grey coat, thin the layers and apply gently trying to keep the blends as smooth as you can.
Techmarine 19

Then i added some codex grey to the mix and progressively increased the amount until i had pure codex grey.
Techmarine 20

The last step is to use some skull white progressively in codex grey until you reach skull white. I think all in all each step was about 3-5 layers, i could have done more for a smoother effect.
Techmarine 21

Now for an extra touchup, for more contrast, i watered down some black ink and applied very very watered down layers of it on the axe area near the blade edge, gently letting each layer dry properly and then applying more on the edge.
Techmarine 22

Then clean up the model as best you can and apply some finishing touches of detail and et voila, nmm moo stylie k:
================================================== ========
I have decided on the backpack to make the back attachment itself red but the grey itself will be on the servo arms etc. Just so that there is more colour on the model.

 Techmarine 23

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