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Project: [Chaos warband]

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It`s my first message on this blog.

Before I will begin work on the blog, I wish to apologise for my English . I hope that it will not prevent to visit my blog regularly.

All has begun with the small order. My friend has asked to paint his possesed marines. At me was not experiences of painting and consequently has decided to fulfil skill in the favourite style - maximum realism

My first and second pack of possesed marines. In these miniatures I used different colour schemes for an armour. Between painting 2 packs possesed marines i paint one small daemon - spawn. But I remained is dissatisfied with result. Could make and it is better.

My friend remained completely is happy with a result and has decided to order to me some more miniatures. It a big fan of raptors and consequently these remarkable miniatures have appeared the following for painting. For painting of these miniatures I have decided to use metallics and new Citadel washes. First and second pack of raptors. Raptors so were pleasant to my friend that it has transferred me the whole box of miniatures and has suggested most to choose colour schemes and technicians for painting. Who has only specified and to what gods should worship.

After small break i begin paint small squad chosen chaos marines and with mark of Slaanesh.

Models of obliterators became serious test for me. Not only that they were healthy so they still were converted. In first time i paint only one obliterator, and after approval of a miniature by the customer, has painted also the others.

After such a big models I have decided to paint something easier and the remained chosen space marines became a victims

I have spent time for painting of these miniatures of an order of 1-2 months. And after that there has come enough big break, because of personal problems. But sometimes I came back to miniatures and even could paint group of death guard marines. When Forgeworld begin selling new death guard miniatures my friend by this and send me for painting. On them I used other colour scheme and have received a sheer pleasure from painting of these highdetailed miniatures.

First HQ choice in this warband  i paint is epic hero - Kharn with which I painted for one painting duel.

Next thing in this army - Chaos sorcerer of Tzeench in terminator armour

And... And so many works in future... Chaos sorcerer on a bike, Fabius, Plague terminators and many other

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