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The Chaos Divide 08

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Well as a quick update, i've now put together 12 more rubric marine and 5 tzeentch terminators with lord. But i also managed to finish painting a sorcerer for my first squad in about 10 hours, i think its not bad work for tabletop quality. The freehand was fun especially on the shoulder pad and parchment, Im pretty happy with this guy. Anyway your thoughts and criticisms are welcome as always.

Sorcerer 01-01

Sorcerer 01-02

Sorcerer 01-03

Sorcerer 01-04 

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Painting and Modelling , Warhammer 40K


  1. Arctica's Avatar
    Cheers dude lol, i had fun painting this guy, im not usually keen on metal models but this one was great. ;)

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