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The Chaos Divide 10

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Well after about 4 days of painting (after work of course ) i managed to finish painting this terminator as a test model. Im happy with the results but i still think the metal models are really static and im not keen on painting metal models. But anyway the blending of it all is nice and i was trying some different techniques too. I generally work from dark to light when painting but this time on the blue and greys i worked from medium colour and shaded and highlighted. It was quite fun and i think the effects are really good. Still practicing with glazing and making my blends as smooth as i can. Anyway i'll let you make that judgement, comments and criticisms are welcome.

Terminator 01-02

Terminator 01-03

Terminator 01-04 

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Painting and Modelling , Warhammer 40K


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