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The Chaos Divide 12

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Well another update, since i wanted to work more on my beserkers so that i could mix up what im working on. I started work on the leader of the squad and since i wanted each squad leader to be easily identifiable i used an old chaos lieutenant model which i had, changed the head and the gun. Im happy with both the NMM and the reds, i wanted to keep the cloak nice and dark so not to upset the balance of colours on the model but it was kind of boring so i painted a bit of freehand on the back to improve my skills. Anyway comments and criticisms are welcome.

 skull champ 01-01

skull champ 01-02

skull champ 01-03

skull champ 01-04 

Some closer shots of the model:

skull champ 01-05

skull champ 01-06

skull champ 01-07

skull champ 01-08 

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