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Cryx Bases Part 02

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Ok after mixing up too much green stuff to strengthen the rota blades on my dwarven gyrocopter i wanted to do some constructive with the large mound which was left over. So i decided to add more detail to the bases for the Cryx models.

 Looking around at other models, i added some extra plates and rivets to the models, and on one i added a small piece of piping. Im very happy with the look of the plates and rivets, but trying to get them a consistent size is quite difficult but i after working on it for a while i got it right.


Time: (4 hours)

 The alert ones looking at the photo will notice the gyrocopter's rota blades, thats such a tricky model to keep together even with pinning. But on another note i am really excited about starting work on the warmachine models !!! but i have to decide how to tackle them too.

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