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So, i got myself a mini painter blog. I have tons of stuff stuffed away. I figure i have to do some sort of back log and show some of it.


Currently i have a VC aemy for WHFB, I have some random minis for Warmachine and Confrontation and most likely there will be some more stuff wwhen i get around to it.


Now, for todays showing. I have decided to show one of the very first minis i ever painted. It's an old WH40K Ogryn with a rippergun. Which apparently means i have to upload it to my photobucket first. well, righty ten.



 Ok, lets see what we can do...



Ok, so here he is. Mr. Imperial Ogryn. Ok, what colors did i use back in 1991-1992 then. I actually tried GW:s paints but decided they were second rate to Humbrols hobby paints - which actually did cover what you were painting.

For the skin i used some sort of flesh tomne that i lightened up with some amount of white. I couldn't highlight his white wife beater, so i tried to wash it with watered down yellow of some sort and ended up with a dirty yellowish look. 

The pants, which you can't see are leather, with watered down black paint as wash. 


I wasn't into painting metal back then, so instead i used the magic watered down black as a wash... Here however i seem to have tried to paint the gun black first and then do the gun metal. But apparently i wasn't much for doing details. Can't say i like it today either.


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