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Jamaica Slim

Something New.

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So, here I am, trying to backlog years of painting and forgotten stuff. I thought I'd make a timejump and see what i did two years ago, to compare with the Ogryn from 1992.

This is a Cryx Bonejack that I bought almost two years ago. I bought the game, and bought a box of bad ass looking Cryx warjacks. On the box cover they are painted black and metal. I wanted something diffrent, sought out for some inspiration and found it.


The bone details are still there. Nowdays i use Valejo colors and some of GW:s. The base coat is white i think, i don't really remember. But i started off doing the head and bone details with bone white and skull white highlights, and there might be some rotting flesh as well.

I wanted the metal parts to look old so i tried adding some bronze to it so it would look old and worn down - a bit rusty. I'm not that unhappy wit the result. 

The green armour plates with dirt brown details came by accident. I tried going for a brownish armour at first, but got a mini that looked like chocolate... So I began experimenting, trying to work out a new color, and it turn out to be green that worked best. I blended dark green and bestial brown and got what i think is a pretty nice result.

I tried to get the engine compartment behind the bone cage to have glowing look. Can't say i really made that work.

And finally the base.. Well, i'd lie if i said i was happy and pleased with what it looks like... Some day.. someday i'll finish it.

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