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Chaos Maruders

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So, i finished my first regiment of Chaos Maruders, for my new Chaos army. I haven't finished my last 10 skeleton spearmen for my VC army yet however. But I figured since the maruders have been gathering dust for quite some time i have to finish them first, while the skeletons are still in their unopened box. Very logical. This also means i have to finish my Juggernaut and my hero type before i can start on the skeletons.


Anyways, back to the Maruders. I went for a "neutral look" not giving them any special collors for special marks of chaos, so they can be either marked by the Gods or not.

They aren't very detailed, but i figured since they are more of arrow fodder to screen warriors and other heavier infantry they can be speed painted rather than show case specials.



The skin is tallarn flesh washed with either ogryn flesh or devlan mud and then highlighted with tallarn flesh and a mix of tallarn/skull white.

The pants are cobra leather, highligted with a mix of cobra leatrher/white and just plain skull white.


The Chieftains helmet is taken from a Chaos Warriors sprue, and fits quite well. The shields are painted black with gold details arrows and such. And some white patina details for wear and tear. 


The weapons are a mix of bronze tones, bright bronze and brassen bronze i think, and a some gun metal. 

The leg guards are bronze and the boots are just plain black highligted with khaki and mud.

I'm very happy with the bases. Glue, fine sand (Not GW approved...), dark green ink highligted with dark green and white.


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