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Less WoW, more painting!

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So I've finally decided to free myself - at least in part! - from the timesink that is World of Warcraft. Oh, I'm still on there at night, but only after I've spent a good part of the night writing or drawing or painting. Move my actual passions and crafts forward, move WoW back.

And it's working well so far. I try to take an hour's walk in the evenings for exercise, during which time I brainstorm for a story that is slowly building in my head, and then I go home and either continue reading on How To Make Money Writing For A Living, or write, or paint minis.

I had to do some photography yesterday, since I'm working on a monthly article for Geeks of Doom (it hasn't started yet but hopefully will soon!), so I figured that since I was shooting the minis for my article, I'd take photos of the other projects I'm working on currently. None of these are actually finished yet, they're all works-in-progress:


Skaven Grey Seer - WIP

This is a Skaven Grey Seer from Games Workshop; they used to have a store about 10 minutes away from me but it JUST closed down.  Not making enough money, I guess.  Oh well!


Kundarak Sigil - WIP

This is a one-inch base (Games Workshop) that I am painting in the style of House Kundarak's sigil. House Kundarak is the House of Warding in the Dungeons & Dragons game world of "Eberron". (If you want the original picture to compare it to, it's at http://www.wizards.com/dnd/images/eb_gallery/82931.jpg )


Terezinya, sans Familiar - WIP

And finally, this is Reaper Miniatures's "Terezinya and Familiar"...without the familiar. Her eyes didn't come out well in this picture. I'm gonna have to try again. Blargh.

But yeah, those are the projects I'm currently working on, when I'm not handling the miniatures for my GoD articles. It's good to get back into painting again. Really good.

That's it for now! More later!

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