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Juggernaut Work In Progress

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Ok, today i began working on my Khorne Juggernaut. It's been primed for quite some time now, but i haven't dared starting the actual work on it. Don't know why really. maybe because it's a huge and challenging mini. Yes, i admit, i'm a chicken.

Anyway, today i began. 

Juggernaut copy.jpg 

The mecjhanical muscle details on the legs are a watered down bronze tone from valejo. I'm thinking i'll highlight it with bright bronze and finaly wash give it a GW Devlan Mud wash. Same goes for the teeth and collar.

As far as the red armour goes the first layer is a blend of a black valejo 1/5 and 4/5 GW Gore red. It gave most parts a very deep red/black almost purple/black tone. I began doing rough highlights adding a layer or two of some less dark red, still a blend of black and gore red. Finishing with 2-3 layers of plain Gore Red.

All the edges and other details will be painted in either gold or brass. 

 I hope i can do some more work on it tomorrow and post a pic or two.

Any comments and pointers are always welcome.

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