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Techpriest Conversion + Sky-Earth NMM Chrome

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I'm currently working on an amusing conversion of a techpriest, based off the latest Engineseer model. After doing a decent dry-brushed paint job and letting it sit there for weeks, I decided out of the blue yesterday to change everything completely. (I have the feeling this will happen a lot with this hobby.)

I decided to paint the metallic parts chrome, using the sky-earth NMM technique. It came out quite well I think, for my first chrome attempts and second-ever model. My boyfriend was impressed, I think. (He spluttered a bit.)

I still need to go back and finish the rest of him, as well as add some details to the chrome's reflectance, before I can do the rest of the conversion process. I need to make some new hands for him, or some sort of appendages anyway. And then the scenery.

I don't see how people think sky-earth chrome is that hard. Maybe it's just because my brain is math and physics oriented? And I have prior art experience. And I've worked with retardedly tiny tools before, under microscopes. I dunno. Perhaps a combo.

How to do the laziest Sky-Earth NMM job ever:

 - Make sure you use the magical thing called paint extender for all your paints.

 - Turn the model so you're looking straight down on his head. Paint areas you can see facing you with dark sky blue. (Mine: Valejo Electric Blue.)

 - Turn the model upside down, the opposite way. Paint all the areas facing you with the lightest ground color. (Mine: Snakebite, I think. Some tan.)

 - Look at the model straight on. For areas that are facing you flat, or are roughly cylinder shaped, cut them in half mentally. That's the horizon line.

 - At the top of the bottom half of your split areas (below the horizon line, that is) paint a horizontal line of your darkest brown. (Mine: Vermin Brown.)

 - Right above this, paint a line of your lightest blue. (Mine: an electric blue and white mix.)

 - Go back and fill in the middle "stripes" of color, blend and shade, all that good stuff.

 - Areas that are facing entirely up are all blues. Areas facing down are all browns.

 - To finish, add tiny white highlights to the uppermost areas of blue. Some areas of the model may "reflect" off the chrome, so add those too. You may also want to show some blurry reflections of scenery in very broad areas.

 - It should be pretty obvious when something is painted not quite right, because your brain will notice there's something "wrong" about it. Fiddle with it.

That's all I did. It took me maybe two hours, minus the highlighting step which I still need to do.

I'll see if I can get a picture uploaded later today so this makes more sense.

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