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My 13 year old tried her hand at painting, but decided it was too hard. I have to admit she doesn't have as much time as the rest of the family. Her hockey takes up alot of time. She did surprise me by deciding to try her hand at pottery, but she hasn't shown me any of her work yet though. I'm pleased enough with her making regional selects in hockey and managing to keep her grades up above a 3.5.

The 7 year old on the other hand is definatly sharing the love of painting. I have put her current progress in my photo albums. The part that she has done took her several hours.

Along with sharing the love of painting she also shared her cold with her dad and I. That is one of the things I wish she wouldn't share quite as much. At least her sister hasn't caught it yet, knock on wood.

I've finished a couple more pieces, and they will be out for all to see here very shortly. I really wish I had a better camera though.



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