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Green of my Wraithlord/Woodlord

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Well, I guess we can start with the basics. My name is Sarah, and I am a GW afficionado. Despite preferring fantasy games to sci-fi, I am stuck with a brother and boyfriend who play 40k and no-one to play fantasy with in my area *sniff sniff*. Therefore, I more or less converted Wood Elves into 40k, but with a bit more technology. Let me add that the Pathfinder rules for Eldar are evil, in a good way. My opponents now cherish anything that doesn't allow for cover saves.

I also play Obscuras Daemons, which I recently changed the bases on, but more about that later, and in a different category.

As I love to convert and a very specific idea of what I wanted for my Wood Eldar army, I started with some concept sketches for my centrepiece, a Wraithlord.

wraithlord concept.jpg

This changed a few times but in the end I decided that I wanted him to have two shuriken catapults mounted on his shoulders, a wraithsword, and a bright lance. As my army has a "bow" theme, I decided the bright lance would have to be represented by a suitably high-tech looking bow.

In the end, I used Ent legs from the LotR range, a Wraithlord kit for the majority, with Ent leaves pinned onto the frame in places. For the bow, I took the High Elf Repeater Bolt-thrower and pinned that on securely. After that was all done and he was looking suitably impressive on his base, I green stuffed bark on every piece of armour. This took forever, as you can imagine, but the effect is worth it. The symbol on the Wraithlord's face is supposed to be bark peeled away to reveal the inner layer in a leaf pattern. Many have already said it looks like the Cannabis leaf. Bah, I say to you, bah!


Base is fairly simple, only real thing of note is the tree behind him, which is moss painted over with lots of PVA. I got the "trunk" effect by putting an elastic band around the moss while it was drying and then cutting it off later, it came out pretty well. The base once everything else is done will be artistically scattered with the three or four different lengths of static grass and fibre grass I have, with a few tendrils of ivy around the Wraithlord in places as well. Possibly some daises, if I can figure out how to make them. I'll probably be taking pictures of stage-by-stage when painting this beauty, if I get any interest in him.


Please leave comments. Please?

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  1. Martin's Avatar
    Wow i realy love the idea i can`t wait to se some paint on it.

    Regards Martin
  2. jarhead's Avatar
    lovely idea... looks very cool so far... keep him rising from your roots...
  3. LadyFalcia's Avatar
    Redoing the loincloth I think, the leaves relief looks, frankly, rubbish.

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