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Slaaneshi Chaos Lord on Dragon

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As side projects, sometimes I pick up whatever random models have fallen through the army net and put them together and paint them. In this case, I had converted a High Elf Dragon for my Obscuras army, just in time for the codexes to change. As most of my troops were Daemons, I shifted to that codex and my option of a Lord on a Chaos Dragon was dropped. Even further went my chances of fielding this model when I decided to concentrate on 40k due to my brother and boyfriend playing it (Imperial Guard, both of them, the former preferring waves of men, the other a bit of a treadhead).

So, that left me with a perfectly servicable Dragon and a converted rider. As the rider was made from a selection of High Elf parts, a Dryad arm and a Daemonette (the new plastic ones) body and head, I decided to paint it up as a Slaaneshi Dragon. (Does anyone know if that is still legal in Warriors of Chaos now?)

I went with the classic pink and purple colours, deciding to make the rider look as wholesome as possible to highlight the seductiveness of Slaanesh rather than its otherwordly nature. In retrospect, as most of the model is High Elf this decision possibly backfired, giving the impression more of a mutated High Elf than a Daemonette (mind you, that could be more than possible too!) In the same vein I aimed more for "pretty" than eerie. I wanted to make a model that the initial reaction was "how lovely", only realising after a few moments the true nature of the creature behind the shimmering scales.

Each scale was painted in one of twenty shades of pink, ranging from a deep raspberry colour all the way to a delicate pale pinkish-lilac. Then a wash of purple was used to bring the colours closer together and give them some definition.

I photoshopped a picture of a woman licking her lips for the banner to match the colours I wanted, then printed it out as a reference for handpainting the design onto the resulting flag. This turned out even better than I expected and it even has a Rolling Stones reference!

The wings were originally painted blue, then a wash of pink was layered over them, finally drybrushed in silver. After a few comments from my boyfriend, he suggested putting more colours in there to simulate an iridescence. I drybrushed lime green very lightly on the right side, and ice blue on the other side, leaving it gloss once I sealed the model.

I think it looks good. It is meant to be a tabletop model, the banner is pinned for stability and it has been sealed with GW 'Ardcoat, then the gloss softened by Matt Varnish on all non-gloss areas. This gives it a coating that you can bounce rocks off.

Now, if only I could figure out how to take proper pictures...

It's on Ebay here if you fancy a gander.

Slaanesh Dragon Montage

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  1. LadyFalcia's Avatar
    Sold on Ebay for £40.00
    Any comments on conversion, painting style or advice still warmly appreciated!

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