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The Tale of Obscuras

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My first army is Chaos Daemons (or Daemons/Hordes of Chaos when I played WFB). About seven years ago I found mention of a Chaos God called Obscuras on I am not sure if this has ever been canon, though statements range from it being canon in an old version of WFB, WFRP, or never been canon at all but fanmade. Regardless, I really liked the idea and I incorporated it into my army, converting my miniatures to reflect it. The background for WFB was spelt out in the article I found, however I had to come up with my own for 40k.

Warhammer Fantasy:-

In the ancient days, four Gods of Chaos were set against four Gods of Law. The four Gods of Laws were Alluminas, Arianka, Solkan and Obscuras. Their realms were light, knowledge, vengeance and darkness. All was in balance, until Obscuras became restless. Jealous of his brother's light, in time he rebelled and in spite defected to join the Chaos Gods. The resulting imbalance caused catastrophic events such as Arianka's imprisonment by Tzeentch. Still jealous of Alluminas' light, he wages a silent war against him and his followers. Most of his cultists are those who work primarily in darkness, and night sight is a common "gift" of this Chaos God, who very rarely bestows mutations. 

His symbol is the raven and his emblem is the eclipse, a dark sun wreathed by white flame. He looks as he wishes to appear however the most common appearance is that of a tall man with long black hair and a wide-brimmed hat to cover his eyes that are windows into the silences of empty space.

Obscuras is linked to the Shadow Wind, Ulgu, though his Chaos "domains" are darkness, ice and fear. He does not care about the Gods of Law, or Sigmar's pantheon, or the Chaos Gods. He reserves his only enmity for Alluminas and his only amiability for the Horned Rat, the God of the Skaven.

In the army I created, I focused on a fast army, looking for sleek looking models. I chose Tzeentch and Slaanesh as a mix for Obscuras, choosing specifically those models with either long range attacks (Horrors, Sorceror) or with a 20" charge range. (Seekers, Screamers, Furies, Exalted Daemon/Daemon Prince with wings, etc). I converted the models to carry on this "sleek" theme, wanting to give an impression of speed and grace. Slaanesh required little conversion but some of the Tzeentch models needed an extra touch.

Warhammer 40,000:-

In 40k, I had to create the base for the Chaos God from very little. Originally I decided that he was simply a minor Chaos God, or a powerful Daemon Prince and left it at that. Of course as such things go, it got more complicated as it went on. After reading through Dark Heresy, I got even more evvviiill ideas.

A world called Abethra was plunged into eternal night as they fell to worshipping this godling. This naturally garnered a response from the Imperium, who judged it worthy of an Imperial Guard reconnaisance from the Calixis 42nd. They were wiped out when the denizens of the world called out to the warp and it answered with waves of daemons of Obscuras. This would usually merit Exterminatus, however a Radical Inquisitor decided to study the new phenomeon of Chaos. As the world was not anywhere near the level of technology required for space travel, hovering between feral and feudal in nature with large clans, the Adeptus Terra agreed to the Inquisitor's request to leave the planet to fester. They were also worried that Exterminatus could cause a warp anomaly as all the millions of Chaos-tainted souls on the planet cried out their psychic death scream.

The Inquisitor also wonders if this new God could be linked to the oft prophesised "Tyrant Star" which wanders the Calixis Sector, bringing rebellion, misery and terror wherever it appears. First comes the effects, psychic manifestations, revolts, mass panics and so on. Then the star appears. Sometimes it takes over the appearance of a planet, a distant star, or a moon in the night sky. However, most of the time it takes over the sun in that solar system. It appears as a black wreathed star, plunging the entire system into night for the duration of its visit. The star just disappears one day, and the system returns to normal. There is no rhyme or reason to its visits and the theories about what it may be are varied. Prophecies dealing with it simply speak of a "great doom" which it heralds.

The Inquisitor studying Abethra wonders if this could be linked to Obscuras, that the birth of another fully fledged Chaos god could have the same effect as the birth of Slaanesh, from the fires of the Eldar excesses. He also notes that the appearances of daemons similar to those who appeared on Abethra are multiplying in number and spreading across the sector. More cultists are speaking of a dark man who appears in dreams, and offers deals that are too tempting to refuse.

More to come about converting the army and rebasing my models to 40k in further installments!


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