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events around the globe. From the catwalks of New York, maple Story mesosParis, Milan and London, to glamourous red carpet events - Fashion TV is there on the front lines, poised to present up-to-the-minute news on every aspect of the fashion industry. Shows like “Fashion Week” and “Fashion Event” deliver the world of international fashion home to viewers, Warhammer goldwhile “Midnight Hot” - one of the most popular segments on Fashion TV, serves up a visual feast for viewers at midnight, as the world’s top supermodels parade in the season’s trendiest lingerie and bikini outfits.The Inside Scoop On Fashion PersonalitiesFashion TV celebrates the personalities who make it all happen in the cutting-edge world of fashion. The “Designers” and “Photographers” featurettes give viewers an in-depth look at the creative process behind theBuy Warhammer goldwork of designers, stylists and photographers who inspire the latest trends, while “First Face” and “F People” give the low down on the lifestyles of models and celebrities who dictate what’s in and what’s not in the fickle fashion scene.The Insider’s Style GuideFashion ffxi gilTV is filled with the latest tips and fashion finds – all that the fashion and beauty fan needs to hit the streets. Viewers will receive expert tips to revamp their wardrobe and makeup via programmes like “Hair and Make-up”, “Now in Stores” and “Tendances“. LOTRO Gold “Hair and Make-up” reveals the beauty secrets behind the most dazzling hairstyles and makeup;

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