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Cryx - A New Beginning

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Ok so i've been trying to finish my armies quickly so that i can start on more display type pieces and really test and learn some uber painting skills. So to try something out i've always been interested in, is Warmachine by Privateerpress. The models are awesome, the fluff is superb and simply on par with the warhammer (fantasy and 40k) fluff, the game system is quick simple to learn and alot more tactics are involved than in the GW systems.

So i starting with the bases i wanted to do something different to what i normally do which is simple but effective for table top minis. Now that i knew i wanted to do something special, i consulted with some friends who have good ideas but the lack of will to paint so i decided to use the idea of a laboratory or artificial base. So no flock this time and no sand all paint and detail the floor. This is going to be fun, im going to try and clock how long i spend on these models too just for my pure interest.

Starting with a Cryx battle box and actually i have a Khador battle box. But i decided to start with the Cryx bases and do a little bit of green stuff to fill the gaps and put some detail. My local hobby store had plastic sheets with patterns on them and the slab type was perfect for what i had in mind.

Cryx Bases 1 Next step is to pin the legs of the models together to work out where to put holes in these bases and paint the bases.

Time: (2 Hours) 

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