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The Daemons (Conversions and Paintjobs)

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Shadow, ice, darkness, fear. I took the general theme of choosing three colours for your army, a base, a complement and an accent. I chose black as my base (obviously), white as the complement, and blue as my accent. Silver was favoured for metallic over golds to keep the colour scheme as cool as possible.


For the generic warriors of Obscuras, I chose Horrors as the base and for the rules. I filled in the gaping mouth with green stuff and then drilled a hole into the top of their "head", before affixing a dryad head onto the model. More green stuff was used to give the dryad a neck and base of the skull. The model was painted black, then drybrushed grey. It's eyes were painted bright blue, with white freehand tribal markings across its face. It's horns were painstaking blended from black to white at the tips of its horns and its claws were drybrushed a dark silver. It was finished with a gloss coat of varnish.

I chose positions which echoed speed and leaping across the distances. I decided early on that a model theme for the army would be tentacles, which appear in one fashion or another on every model apart from the Furies. In this case, tentacles whip out from the body behind the leaping Shadowphyte/Horrors.

Better pictures with them on their new bases and with decent lighting and camera will be put up in the basing WIP thread(s).



These old-style metal mounted daemonettes are still one of the best sculpts from GW I think, despite their somewhat delicate attachments that have a tendency to snap off without prior warning. A lot of green stuff and pinning and hope dealt with this problem. The Seekers didn't need much converting so I just altered the angle of the riders to give a look of individuality. I converted one model to hold up a Dark Elf sword straight above her head to notify her as the "Captain" of the squad. I chose pale skin, as fiction about Obscuras followers mentioned dark eyes, hair and pale skin repeatedly. The steeds are black, drybrushed grey again, with similar blue eyes although they had a slit painted in black. The crest was Shadow Grey highlighted with Space Wolves Grey. The Whispers/Daemonettes themselves were painted grey which was then highlighted up to white in layers. Her hair was left black and glossy, while she was given the same glowing blue eyes as the other daemons of Obscuras. Drybrushed silver on the metal parts finished the model. The tentacles were in the Daemonettes "hair."

While Shadowphytes throw ice and dark lightning at their foes, the Whispers ride up swiftly and kill them from up close. They are Obscuras' assassins and behind them they leave a trail of whispering voices, telling you your own darkest secrets and promising you things that either beckon or terrify you...


Night Terrors

These sweeping manifestations of horror and the fear of what lurks in the dark are based on Screamers, with a simple green stuff job to fill in the space between the front horns, giving them a sleeker looking appearance. I chose a somewhat more complicated paintjob for the Night Terrors, with the dorsal spikes black blended to white at the outermost edges. Bright blue tentacles wound down to the silver tipped tail. The scales were painted a dark grey highlighted to a mid grey. I am having trouble rebasing these at the moment as nothing seems to quite fit their theme. Any ideas? The bases' theme is snowy urban desolation.

Night Terror

The rest of the army is either unpainted (Daemon Prince, Exalted Daemon, Sorceror, Shadowhounds) or painted in a way I'm no longer happy with. (Dark Furies). These will get pics as we progress through creating the army and rebasing it (and painting it).

However, here's a little teaser of my Shadow Sorceror (Herald of Tzeentch rules, Assassin model with a Spellsinger hand and staff) all basecoated and ready to go, once he's been rebased!

Shadow Sorceror

Once again, comments are very welcome! Go on, you know you want to.

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