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The To Do List

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Partly for my own reference, and for anyone who reads this to look forward to, a short list of things that I need to finish doing on my Obscuras Daemons army. I will write up a similar list for Wood Eldar sometime. The side-projects can go hang until I get really bored .

  • Get the last few models that I need for my army: 1 Screamer, 1 Seeker of Slaanesh and 2 Horrors.

Funnily enough, I managed to get a single Seeker, who have been as rare as gold recently (and going at similar prices), and a blister pack of old Horrors (so I can buy three and have 1 extra, instead of buying a whole pack and having loads extra) is on eBay, waiting for me to snap it up. It's the Screamer I've been having huge problems with. I can't seem to find any blister packs for a Screamer. As I already have four and want a fifth for my army, this is annoying me. I've put it as a Saved Search on eBay, so here's fingers crossed.

I now have all the models I need to finish the Attacking Planetstrike list, though it recently came to my attention that it's not valid (4 Fast Attack!) in normal 40k. Thus, eventually I will need another not Fast Attack choice. Any ideas? I'm considering another Daemon Prince or Soulgrinder, possibly 5 Fiends.

  • Bases, bases, bases, bases. Base everything onto round bases and stick stuff on!

The theme is urban with snow patches. I was going to have more snow, but I went so overboard with the urban theme that covering them up with snow would be a shame. One of the only units more or less based so far are the Seekers, so I have a lot to do. They also still need some greenstuffing to fill in gaps on the bases and the tails. The Seekers are notorious for the tails never fitting and needing some support. I like to do all my greenstuffing at once though, and there are some things I need to do first.

  • Lift the Daemon Prince into the air with moving shadow clothing, to make up the Monstrous Creature height and make it more impressive.

The Daemon Prince is currently on a large rock, and is perhaps three inches smaller than the Keeper of Secrets, despite both being Monstrous Creatures. Taking a leaf out of the C'tan book, I've decided to lift the Daemon Prince by pinning florist wire into the model and using it as a base to green stuff tendrils of shadow from the model's clothing. This will also hopefully give me a chance to fix the Daemon Prince's tail, which was greenstuffed a long time ago and looks... well yeah.

  • Put together my beautiful resin Forgeworld Keeper of Secrets and convert it.

It's so pretty! Minus spikes, more tendrils, will have to sand or green stuff over the Slaanesh symbols. Remember to use dust mask!

  • Finally, green stuff the models, fill in gaps, and model the Daemon Prince's conversion into the air.

Also, will need to convert and greenstuff my Horrors (Shadowphytes) and my Screamer (if I ever get one by this point). The Seeker doesn't need converting. Then a well deserved rest, possibly a side-project, I know what I'm like.

  • Basecoat the finished models in black, and paint them.

Basic painting schemes:

Seekers: see picture.
Screamers: see picture.
Furies: white skin, black hair, blue eyes, silver claws. Dark blue wings with a star "splatter" pattern on.
Horrors: see picture.
Flesh Hounds: Black fur, glowing blue eyes (OLS), silver claws.
Herald of Tzeentch: Black clothing with grey and blue accents, white skin, black blended to white at the top with a black gem, black eyes. Cloak either a starry sky or the Obscuras symbol of the eclipsed sun on the back.
Herald of Slaanesh: Black clothing, black hair, black eyes, bone grey "wings", black bladed sword, white skin, silver other sword, blue gems on circlet.
Daemon Prince: white skin, black hair, black clothing, dark blue "starry" wings, blue gems.

Subject to change, of course.

  • Relax! Try to avoid temptation to buy more models. 

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