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My Pathfinders

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As my Wood Eldar army are completely converted and almost primitive and bow-themed, I took for my main troops to the upgraded rangers, aka the Pathfinders.

I used Wood Elf models as the base, mixed with Eldar Guardians. The torso and legs were cut at all the joints and then pinned with bent wire to put them in the correct positions. Then wood-elf heads with hoods, plus cloaks and arms were added to the models. I added a small power cable from the armlet to the bow to add an element of technology to the weapon and placed them on very overdone pieces of scenery. I filled in the gaps and joints with green stuff and remodelled details where they had been lost.

As you can see, they're up to basecoating stage but no further along. I will be painting the cloaks as chameleon cloaks, and the armour with a much more limited colour changing ability. My favourite is the one waist deep in water.


Sorry about the quality of the pictures, I have an old camera and no set up really. : Will try to get a better set up sometime before the paint jobs are finished. And no, he's not doing the chicken, I have some long grass that he will be peering through when its all done.










Hope you liked them. Sorry again for the pics. :



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  1. LadyFalcia's Avatar
    One of the nice things about the game as stands (as I spoke to my GW staff about it before going ahead) is that it works off the actual model height, whether that's scenery, basing or the creature itself. The model in the V in the tree has a much bigger LOS than other models. On the flip side, she's also more likely to be shot too.

    I have my own backstory for the Wood Eldar of this planet, and for the technology of the bows. It's cousin to the technology of the Eldar which allows them to have very thin and flexible armour. Upon a trigger (I think its psychic or something), the material becomes rigid. So with the bows, you make it flexible, draw it back, make it rigid and it snaps back with the force of several thousand pounds of pressure (which is what bow strength is measured in), easily enough to kill, pierce and make serious holes in tanks. Normal longbows with a mere 200lbs pull have been known to punch straight through cars from midrange on a straight trajectory. As Eldar shoot small solid darts anyway, they replace shuriken weaponry fairly intuitively, and give them a definite look for the army.

    The Wood Eldar are Exodites which settled on a temperate planet, and in the years of isolation, learnt to use their environment as an advantage as their technology usage began to fail. They placed their souls into the keep of their planet, as Exodites are wont to do, using a combination of standing stones and such to create the weaves necessary. Instead of wraithbone, they grew the trees of their world, infused with the souls of their people, into the shapes they needed. The few Striking Scorpions, Swooping Hawks and others upon the planet adapted to their new home and roles over the centuries, until they became bastardised versions of their purer selves on the Craftworlds. When finally they had contact with other Eldar, they were seen as primitive savages, adapting themselves rather than making their environment adapt to them.

    Cue campaign hooks/setting for the campaign myself, my bf and my brother are running.

    Sometime over the intervening millenia the Wood Eldar had gone from worshipping Khaine to worshipping the "spirit" of their planet, only makes the Craftworlders more nervous... And then there is the rumour that they have an ancient and forgotten Altar to Khaine, complete with an Avatar, long gone to rust and vine, somewhere in the deep forest.

    Okay, maybe I think about my armies too much :D.

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