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Batch Painting...

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Well, I've started mu first ever batch painting today. Before, I've always painted one mini at a time, working all the way through, getting everything done, before starting on the next one.


   But today I started on the last four Rackham Orc Brutes from a box set. I painted the first three a while ago, and thought I'd try to work my way through these four, before the new blisters come from eBay. I won a blister of Orc Brutes and Törk the Animal, a few days ago. I can hardly wait...


   I'm not sure I like it. Batch painting. It just seems wrong for me, to paint four models at a time, it feels like I'm ot paying enough attention to the seperate minis. I've only given them their skin basecoat, but it already feels as if I'm neglecting all the details. So I'm not going to do it. I will just paint the rest of them, one mini at a time, painting the little lizard luch pack to the best of my ability and the teeth to the most orcen quality I can muster. 


   So be it. No more batch painting for me. I might start on another mini, before completing one, but then it will probably be because I'm waiting for something to dry or something like that...

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