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Shadow Steed: based on WoW's Death Knights

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Thought I’d disappeared, did you?

Well....I did.

But I’m back!  With pictures!

As you may or may not know, I am part of a D&D group.  One of my friend's characters is able to summon a Shadow Steed.  It's supposed to have all the color sucked out of it -- it's essentially a horse made only of shadow.

 I paint minis, so he asked me to pick up a figurine for his Shadow Steed.  Although it's supposed to be all made of shadow, he said, it would be AWESOME if I could paint it up like the Death Knight horses from World of Warcraft (see this page from Blizzard's official site for a picture of what one of those looks like)

...So I thought I'd try my hand at painting a Death Knight’s horse.  He selected which pieces he wanted for his horse (the set I offered him had many different bodies / heads to choose from), and I assembled and painted it:

Shadow Steed Shadow Steed
It was weird, painting something that was mostly black.  And I had a HECK of a time with the glowing hooves.  But all in all I’m pleased with how it came out.

And for those interested, the figure came from the Games Workshop's "Chaos Marauder Horsemen" pack.

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  1. skeeve's Avatar
    It looks very cool, but, I would add bright blue reflections on all metallic parts on the "lower" side of the horse. Especially the chain. It has two parts, one that clings to the neck - that I would leave as is. THe other part is hanging. THis is what I would focus on. IT will look really cool if you put deep shadow on the top part facing sky (yeah, I know - counterintuitive), and puut bright blue reflection on the bottom fading into the shade on the top.
    Same goes for the chaos symbol - much brighter lower tips and much darker the upper ones
  2. Witchwater's Avatar
    Hiya, Skeeve! Thanks for the input! You know, I did try doing exactly that with the hanging chain, but unfortunately my Blue Glow skills are still VERY mediocre. I decided to paint over it in an effort to save the mini's overall look.

    Fortunately I have other horses now, thanks to that boxed set. Looks like it's practice, practice, practice for me. :)

    Thanks again for the input -- I truly appreciate it. :)

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