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<p>So this is the place I seem to go when I need to complain.&nbsp; Please take this with a grain of salt.&nbsp; I'm just blowing off steam.</p><p>I have a bad tooth that needs to get pulled.&nbsp; I can't do it untill my husbands insurance check comes in and it 3 days late.&nbsp; I can't send out my ME13 minis for the same reason and I have a box containing my Total Testosterone mini that I'm sending to Tracy all ready to go and a box full of brushes, minis, Future floor wax and other goodies to go to a good friend.&nbsp; I can send NONE of this untill the check comes.&nbsp; </p><p>I guess the point is that I hate banks, insurance companies and money in general.&nbsp; Thanks for listening.&nbsp; I now return you to your regularly scheduled programing.&nbsp; Have a nice day!</p><p>PS&nbsp; the good thing?&nbsp; I went freak.&nbsp; </p>

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