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Whisper (Daemonettes on Steeds of Slaanesh) Bases

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Well, some of the Whispers have been based and finished, ready for base-coating, so here they are. I went for a rubble and destroyed urban feel for the bases. I recently ordered some of the new Forge World weathering powders so will probably be using a lot of the concrete dust effects when I paint them.

Like a lot of painters, I look at the painting on my older figures and cringe. Unfortunately I don't want to strip these models become they did come out so well at the time. Still unsure, do you think I should repaint these?

I have another six models who need some greenstuffing before they're ready for show, especially on the tails where they have a nasty tendency to leave gaps and fall off unpredictably. But for now, enjoy!





I also took some pics of my Herald of Slaanesh. She's heavily converted from a witch-elf base with a spellsinger head, dryad arms for skeletal wings and the sword and sword arm from an undead unit of knights (I've forgotten what they're called). 


Comments are, as always, very appreciated!

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  1. Observer's Avatar
    I have not seen the figures you are going to repaint, but as for me I never do so. Sometimes it's even curious to look at one and the same model which you painted recently and few years ago.
    As for Whispers their bases a pretty good. One question - what's that curved plastic thing glued to the stone on photo 6?
  2. LadyFalcia's Avatar
    It's a piece of parchment from the Flaggelants sprue. I'm going to paint it up as some kind of Imperial document or warning of some kind. Any suggestions? The models I was thinking of repainting are the two whispers who are painted in the photos. They just seem so crude under the camera.
  3. Observer's Avatar
    Well, I'd add more (blue, violet) colours.
    Do Imperials hang their documents to boulders? It looks like in fairy-tales, when heroes stand on crossroads and read which ways to choose ))
  4. LadyFalcia's Avatar
    Blue washes in the recesses on their skin with violet around the "flushed" areas would make them look less dead, that's for sure, and wouldn't detract from the otherworldly attributes. Thanks for the hint :). As this is a destroyed city with the Daemons running amok, I guess theyd paste it wherever they could. Some thoughts I'd had were to have it be an Exterminatus notice, which would be delightfully ironic.

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