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A valentine Vampire (ish)

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To mark valentines day I give you a vampire with a couple of hearts on his cloak. Ok, its a half hearted effort, but it was the best I couple think up and it fits in with the remainder of the VC army. His flesh was built up from Graveyard Earth to Bleached bone in an attempt to make it look more undead, but I added a bit of red to his cheeks and I think I have lost the effect.

He was floating above the gravestone in an attempt to make him rabk up and to simulate his move 9 thanks to his Talisman of the lynci. I have since found that I am not the first to come up with this approach. I am also not happy with the fabric around his head it makes him look like a victorian child in a sailor suit. I think a bit of dull coat on the back of his cape would also help.

Oh well, maybe I'll return to this chap and rework him.

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