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A turn marker

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When I play at my local club, we keep a track of which turn we are in by keeping a dice with the turn number displayed. However this can easily get mixed up with other dice. I decided it would be a nice idea to build my own turn marker. My main criteria were that it had to be easy to build and nice and cheep. Here is how it turned out..

Here is how I built it..

Basic components are a GW 40mm round base, a lid from static grass (any would do), a bit of rod that fit nicely within the hole in the underside of the GW base and some thick plasti-card (mine was about 2.5mm thick and was left over from basing 15mm Napoleonics).

My most useful tool is a compass fitted with a small blade. I picked this up cheep at a hobby store.

I marked the card with the sizes of both the lid and the base. Note how I marked the position of the centre so that I would not lose it. I had to chamfer the outer circle to match the shape of the lid. A small file and thirty seconds later and that was done.

Card cut.

I drilled a small hole in the centre of the lid with the large pin vice. GW helpfully mark the centre of their lids.

The rod is fed through and glued in place. I used superglue for this. Once dry I trimmed with a sharp knife.

The card was then added and we are almost there. Time so-far is about half an hour.

I then added some conveniently sized card counters from a no-longer played board game.

and a bit of sand.

I then cut a bit of card for the centre dial. I copied the symbol on the empire figures because I have an empire army, but I plan to construct a number of centre dials, one for each army and then just swap them over as required.


The centre dial is assembled....

And then the whole lot painted...

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  1. Observer's Avatar
    Nice adornment for the gaming table

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