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  1. supervike's Avatar
    Back to the Desert? Egads, you are a glutton for punishment. Anyhow, I envy you, to be able to drop what you are doing and head for adventure!
  2. Target's Avatar
    If it makes you feel better, I even older than you, have several armies in various states of development and a family that "put up" with me and my hobbies.
  3. Jericho's Avatar
    I haven't finished a mini since my Golden Demon entry this spring... don't feel bad :D Well you can feel bad about being old, just not the painting thing. Hehe happy birthday ;)
  4. supervike's Avatar
    Those years just kind of sneak up on you don't they?

    Well, I'm hoping you had a great birthday.
  5. skeeve's Avatar
    Hehe, Those are cute but not that new and advanced actually. I had 2D picture of my first kid 11 years ago and it looked exactly like 2D they are showing here. And later on, 6 years ago I had a 3D, but without motion. Technically, they could take sequence of 3Ds and I could do animation myself but back then it didn't cross my mind :(
  6. Dragonsreach's Avatar
    Does this mean there's something you want to tell us Lloyd?
  7. mich's Avatar
    The 80's RUINED MEEEEEE!!!
  8. uberdark's Avatar
    80's teen movies when the yuppies generation become grandparents. then we have the 90's teen movies to look forward to, like varsity blues and any freddie prinze jr. movie. :)

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