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  1. Gathering up resources to spread the hobby to the general public

    It's been a long time since I have updated my BLOG.  I was busy the last year with the Knights of Columbus and didn't have much time to paint.  That's over and now I'm back to painting.  During that year I also discovered a social network called Gather.  One of the things you can do there is set up groups to discuss specific topics.  I created a group called Mini Metal (and Plastic) Men (Women and Monsters).  The goal of the group is to show to the general public how ...
  2. Time out for NaNoWriMo

    It is November and if my painting skills were reduced by other activities, they will draw to a halt while I write my novel.  I managed to get some more work done yesterday.  This photo is actually two days ago.  I have various browns on the minis and the base for Mr. Octupus Head is done.
  3. Black primers, Delta Creamcoats and other laments!

    So, can someome remind me of why I'm using black (GW) primer these days?  (Oh yea, it's because my white primer ran out and I was griping about how I can't tell the difference between the white coat and the bare spot of metal that I missed when I did the primer coat.)  Anyway I decided that instead of using my good camera for the WIP shots I would simply snap my cell phone at them.  I have a few of them on the active queue, a tenticle monster that I'm not going to glue completely ...
  4. More detail, will I know when to call it done?

    I have added more detail, metallic trimmings and a bone white that looks very bright given all the dark grey.  Although I like the structures the detail is a bear to paint.
  5. Progress on the structures (no bling)

    A couple of shades of grey, some red for the tiles, and metallics for the stained glass windows.  Still has a long way to go but so far so good.  It was a busy week for me, otherwise I would have more accomplished.  I really like painting these guys.Click on the image to get a larger sized view.
  6. Primed and ready to paint. (Now with 20% more Bling)

    The buildings are primed and ready to paint. So too are the wizard and the duck.
  7. Progress

    This has been an interesting month; well for everything but mini painting.  Supplies are getting low.  I’ve discovered that I’m out of the good glue!  I need to restock my supply of plastic plates that I use for palettes.  And I’m probably running low on the paints I use the most.  Hopefully I should find time to re-supply this weekend and I might have enough time to glue some minis and do a basecoat.  I’ve also got some cemetery pieces that ...
  8. Dungeons and Ducks

    I've been trying to use a few ideas for a one shot scenario for a local con; my duck minis, my newly purchased townhouses and my Matsui rubber duck.  Nicknamed Dungeons & Ducks the scenario will focus on human and halfling sized duck people defending their town from the Duck Dragon of the Yankees!
  9. Be it ever so humble

    There is no place like a pre-painted home whose roof can come off for gaming.  Or something like that.  While I was at Gen Con this year, I passed by this booth of pre painted buildings for all sorts of genres.  Their roofs can come off.  Their second floors can come off.  They are sturdy and deigned for gaming.  I thought about buying one, but bought the whole set, plus an outhouse and a boat.  It’s not that I’m doing a lot of gaming lately, although ...
  10. These ducks are almost ready to ROCK!

    So, I have most of the basic coats on the minis; working on 10 at a time allows me to miss at least one thing every time.  These two photos show the state of two of the ten ducks, but the ducks in general are around the same state of painting.
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