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General mini thoughts and musings

  1. Gathering up resources to spread the hobby to the general public

    It's been a long time since I have updated my BLOG.  I was busy the last year with the Knights of Columbus and didn't have much time to paint.  That's over and now I'm back to painting.  During that year I also discovered a social network called Gather.  One of the things you can do there is set up groups to discuss specific topics.  I created a group called Mini Metal (and Plastic) Men (Women and Monsters).  The goal of the group is to show to the general public how ...
  2. Be it ever so humble

    There is no place like a pre-painted home whose roof can come off for gaming.  Or something like that.  While I was at Gen Con this year, I passed by this booth of pre painted buildings for all sorts of genres.  Their roofs can come off.  Their second floors can come off.  They are sturdy and deigned for gaming.  I thought about buying one, but bought the whole set, plus an outhouse and a boat.  It’s not that I’m doing a lot of gaming lately, although ...

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