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  1. Roger Bunting's Avatar
    Ohh, I like the idea of a duck dragon. You must do it.
  2. tzor's Avatar
    ... that was my quick and dirty photo taken in the hotel room and it's not the best background. For some strange reason, however, our logic and wisdom is being thrown out the window as we speak and it's getting a better score than the PP mini alone. (It's getting a 5 at the moment.) Proving I will never understand the mind of the voters here.
  3. skeeve's Avatar
    Well, while having something besides the mini *sometimes* helps I would have to say that the example you have is not the best. In fact, I am afraid it supports the opposite point of view that while taking picture of the mini you probably first of all want to show the mini (otherwise why bother taking pictures). In this example the background is overpowering. It is the first thing you look at and only after you realize that there are also some minies. I assume you combine background and actual images in the photoshop or something like this. Tone down the background image first, make it uniformly darker; then if you wish you can select just the face and emphasize it (or even just the eyes on the face). Make images of minies bigger, you are showing them, not the cute girl in the background.

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