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WH40k - Miniature Painting and Modeling - D&D 

  1. Done wif 'iz 'ead!

    Finished the head on the new warboss. I think the main difference in the new model(s) aren't so much the amount of details as the depth of them, the deep areas just seem to go deeper. Can't really describe it better. Anyway, here he is....
  2. AoBR Warboss

    Started the new warboss tonight. great model but a bit static so I'm twisting the arm up a bit. Here's where it's at right now... And I think I'm over my greenstuff nervousness, now I just need the experience!

  3. GW Washes (Examples!) and Lootas Done

    Got the time last night to test out the GW washes, well, one of them, at least. Devlin Mud will become a very popular wash, I predict.

    Here's my testa boyz. In the pictures below (fronts, then backs), the top two are unwashed (heh, aren't all orks?) with two different colored pants. Both are GW Foundation colors, Tausept Ochre, the other Calthan Brown. The bottom is my first wash with the Devlin Mud. I applied this by dipping my brush into the pot, then dipping it in a water cup and ...
  4. It's all in the prep... Lootas

    Finished off the deff guns, as seen here.  A pile-o-deff guns.

    Ed and Ned here don't seem none too happy to be missin' their arms. Finished greenskins green.

    I'm trying somethign different this time. I did a complete paint up of the skin since I wanted to blend (I use that term loosely on these) and wash using green ink. Now I'm going to try the new GW washes. I blocked out the rest of the model in the appropriate colors using only the GW ...
  5. A Dozen Deff Guns

    Got some time in on the deffguns this weekend and took a couple shots along the way. Tedious but worth it in the end, the details on ALL of the new or k models are astounding. Here's da lads noise makers with the red finished and the metals started.  And a groups shot with all the metals finished.Here's a four-up showing more details of each gun type. At this point, all the red and metals are dine - I'm going back through and doing the skin and the nall the little details and doodads (and ...
  6. GW Washes and Thrift Store finds.

    I finally picked up a couple of the new GW washes - Devlan Mud, Badab Black, Baal Red and Gryphonne Sepia. I decided to test them out on some of the Deff Guns, since there's so many of them I could do a side by side comparison. I had already done a few up to the final highlight (Fiery Orange and a spot of white on the highest spots) and thought to see what it did to ones that were already done up. The others simply had the reds done up through Blood Red.

    I didn't do any scientific ...
  7. Lootas Update

    My progress is slow - wish I could devote mroe time to them but such is that facts of life. The deff guns from the new lootas are, as the trukk, insanely detailed. I've taken a simpler route and coler scheme though. I saw somewhere (I wish I could find it), someone did them in a red and black fashion and they looked sharp. That fits right in with the look of my army so here it goes.Still finishing off the main parts before moving on to the metallics - which will be a long process as well. Hopefully ...
  8. Back on the Squiggoth - Lootas!

    Now that summer's winding down, the hobby mill picks up. I'm working on two projects now. One large and one small. The large one is a Stompa for Red Jack's Waaagh! and like the battlewagon, I'll be tracking that on a WIP log in the WIP and Projects log HEREThe other is of smaller ilk and it's a dozen lootas, I'll track/blog this one here. This is a mismatched set - I purchased  the Lootas weapons and arms off ebay (spares from the lootas/burna kit) and paired them with a regular set of boys. ...
  9. A New Orky Toy

    Just returned from vacation and boy am I stoked. One of the things my wife and I like to do while travelig is hitting bargain/junk shops. Places like Goodwill, Salvation Army and other non-brand named second hand stores. She looks for dishes and I look for sci-fi books and toys to loot. Here's my newest find this last week in Duluth (I love Duluth). It'll be Apocalyptic in nature for certain, justhave to figure out what it is capable of. I'll paint it in the next week or two since we've got a game ...
  10. That Awkward Phase

    You know when you decide to grow a beard (for us guys) or let your hair grow long (guys and gals) and you're in that middle stage where it's not long enough or still too short to do anything with and it looks wrong/funny/unfinished/not good/can't see the end product? Yep, that's where I'm at.

    I've been on vacation for the past week and the previous two weeks were uninspiring as far as the battlewagons paint job so I grew frustrated and assembled a bunch of bikes, a truck and a dozen ...
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