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  1. AoBR Warboss

    Started the new warboss tonight. great model but a bit static so I'm twisting the arm up a bit. Here's where it's at right now... And I think I'm over my greenstuff nervousness, now I just need the experience!

  2. It's all in the prep... Lootas

    Finished off the deff guns, as seen here.  A pile-o-deff guns.

    Ed and Ned here don't seem none too happy to be missin' their arms. Finished greenskins green.

    I'm trying somethign different this time. I did a complete paint up of the skin since I wanted to blend (I use that term loosely on these) and wash using green ink. Now I'm going to try the new GW washes. I blocked out the rest of the model in the appropriate colors using only the GW ...
  3. Stormboy Nob - WIP - Almost There

    I found myself, as so many times in the past, rushing to finish up this mini because I want to see it fully assembled and finished. I have problems sometimes seeing the whole when I'm only working on parts.  Also so I can move on to the next thing I'm all excited for. Well, not really excited, just what I need to get done before the RTT next month, which is 3 heavy weapons boyz, three killa kans and one grot oiler.

    The Stormboy Nob is a brute of a piece now that I've glued most ...
  4. Blue as a Dutch Boys Pants... Nob WIP

    I finished up the wires and control box and moved on to the pants. I guess I don't paint as fast (or as well) as some bloggers but I'm working on it I've come to realize that large, open surfaces area my achilles heel right now. I don't seem to have the right dilution for smooth transistions on big sections, such as this guys blue pants. I choose to paint them blue, rather than the brown of the rest of the army, figuring they want to fool da enemy into thinking they were just another piece of ...
  5. Details, Details, Details. Stormboy Nob WIP

    I started the body details last night. Leather straps and the jump pack controls were all I got done, almost. I didn't want just a drybrush metal over black to define the box and controls, I wanted something that would stick out a bit. I did a "black" box look so had to highlight it some with greys to bring out the details - I think it worked. I also wanted reds and yellows for the smaller parts, industrial warning colors. I think I struck the right balance in colors here. Choosing yellow ...

    ... taken from "Liar, Liar", The Movie.Here's photo I promised showing the finished powerklaw. Pretty eh? I'll finish the bottom blade after it's affixed to the model. The only thing that bothers me in the photos is the shine, but I know it'll be knocked out when I Dullcoat it.Till next time boyz and girlz!
  7. Stormboy Nob WIP - No Amazons Here...

    I'm sure you folks are getting as bored of the Stormboy Nob as you are of the Amazons. At least the Amazons are naked, right? :-)

    I put in an hour last night and finished some work on the big shoota and the powerklaw. I worked on some different techniques for brass and I'm not quite happy with the effect yet. Close, but not as happy as I am with the steel areas. I'm waiting to finish the small details like the rings in his arm and the chain on the gun until it's glued to the figure. ...
  8. All Hallow's Eve!

    As promised last week, I took photos last night of our yearly yard decoration for Halloween. Why yesterday and not today? Mother Nature. It seems she doesn't want to cooperate this year. Todays forecast is cold and windy. Since our setup for Halloween night uses three smoke generators, part of the effect will be lost.

    Otherwise, things will go as usual, scaring the kiddies!

    Here's some photos of the setup. New this year: 6 more tombstones, a giant kid friendly ghost, a ...
  9. Ork Stormboy Nob WIP - Big Guns

    Got a little more time last night so I worked on the Stormboy again. Finished up the Scorpion Green highlighting and called it good.

    It can be frustrating sometimes knowing that the pictures on the workbench aren't looking as good as real life, even with color correction in Photoshop, due to the lighting I use at my desk being much different than the ones when I "semi-professionally" shoot my models for CMON and my Big Shoota website. Oh well, I'll just ...
  10. Keep on Movin' On - Stormboy Style

    I went back last night a blacklined the wrappings and finished up the lip ring. Itried a NMM on the ring and it turned out, ehhhh, ok. I think I'll have to start my testing on NMM with a larger area. Better luck next time, I guess.

    I moved on to the skin on the arms and body. Same color progression here: Orkhide Shade -> Dark Angels Green -> Snot Green -> Goblin Green -> Scorpion Green. After the Goblin Green I wash with Dark Green Ink to blend the layers ...
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