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  1. Luke's Avatar
    CAn someone please help me to assemble an ork trukk as my one didnt come with instructions in the box. THanks in advance.
  2. uberdark's Avatar
    me too!!! i have 44 orks done and 5 lootas as well. i still have 15 warbikes, 4 transport wagons, 2 killa kans, wazdakka, looted rhino, 3 deffkoptas, 2 ork fighta's and a squiggoth with a huge rocket shoved up his butt.

    i know the kans and squiggoth arent KoS, but huge rockets shoved into a squigs butt just sounds funny. hehee.

    cant wait to see more. :)
  3. Sukigod's Avatar
    The other warboss will be turned into Wazzdakka/biker warboss sometime in the future (reminds me of the 15 bikes I need to finish!)
  4. uberdark's Avatar
    i thought you were gonna put him on a warbike? mine is gonna be turned into wazdakka, with the addition of a different head. hope to see what you do with this one.


  5. Jarrett's Avatar
    Definitely - your orks are inspiring. One quick way to paint black is to just lay down a regular black base and highlite with Privateer P3 "Coal Black". It looks nice for a quick highlite.

    I did my deffkoptas that way
  6. Sukigod's Avatar
    I realized today why I paint most of my ork stuff red, I'm scared of painting black! I know it sounds wierd but I'm only recently figuring out how to approach doing blacks. It's how GW does a lot of their stuff, why can't I? I figured out (in my head, anyway) how to get the rust and grease and grime to show on black, I'll be exeprimenting on my new trukk and bikers after the Lootas are done.

    Thanks for all the replies here too! Very nice and encouraging to know people really ARE reading this:)
  7. Jen's Avatar
    Looking great, I love the red color scheme on orks. It makes em go fasta! I just bought a few of these guys myself, great to see how you went about painting them, they are a bit daunting with all those bits :p
  8. skeeve's Avatar
    Looks great but prepare to upgrade it to full strength :)). My son just fielded 20 ppl squad in the battle against Grey knights.. they were absolutely devastating. Somebody said that he was playing "tau-orks".
  9. Jarrett's Avatar
    Definitely can tell it would be kinda tedious work but the results speak for themselves, they look awesome! Love your Ork work.
  10. uberdark's Avatar
    its always nice to see your stuff....i have recently gotten into da orks and the red theme you use and techniques have become very valuable for me. i'll have to put up my own stuff when i get my first 40 boyz done.

    rock on

  11. supervike's Avatar
    I agree, being your southern neighbor (iowa) I know how long and tough this winter was. Spring never even seemed to happen, and now we are dealing with severe weather and flooding....but even with all that, it's nice to just be able to go outside without layers. Great blog by the way!!
  12. Sukigod's Avatar
    I suppose the copy was a bit misleading. The roller was done, I spent and hour doing just the spikes, not the entire roller. I WISH I could have pulled this whole part off in an hour, I'd be done by now and ready to lay down paint.

    I am itching to start painting it but I'm too picky to just to throw the rest together just to get to painting. I'm sure I'll be complaining about painting by the time I'm done painting too! hahah. Thank Gork I've got a dozen bikes to do after that.

    AS for Gamesday, sadly no, I'm not anywhere near a Gamesday event, nrt can I afford it - oh well.
  13. skeeve's Avatar
    You spend just one hour? You mean ONLY one hour? You and your scratchbuilding... I really want to see it painted. Very impressive... Are you preparing it for the Games day>
  14. Deucalion's Avatar
    Love the truck!! amazing guy!!! it remembers me to 90´s gamesworkshop style and Mike McVey´s rules!!! :-)
  15. Sukigod's Avatar
    Yeah, I agree about the purple - I think I wil actually go back and change that in a few weeks - more silver/steel metallic.
    Thanks for the great score on the trukk too! Most appreciated.
  16. skeeve's Avatar
    Track is gorgeous. I gave it 9. Mek would be great if not for purple balls.This color is conflicting with the rest of the scheme so much that it detracts from the rest of the mini.

    I had this issue with mine. The mini is rather big and it is not immediately clear what is the focal point. Eventually I emphasized the face and tried to blend balls, that stick out as it is already, with the environment
  17. Sukigod's Avatar
    I did find a company (AFV) that makes this as a kit, now I just have to wait for it to show up on ebay for what I can afford. The kit also comes with optional AK-AK guns which is perfect for making flak guns for Apocalypse, and magnatize them of course!

    Much appreciated!
  18. skeeve's Avatar
    good luck with him. I think he deserves to be in a large monsters category :). I put mine of hold dues to a pressing need to paint something else by this Saturday, but I will continue as soon as i can
  19. skeeve's Avatar
    Hehe, actually tribal tattoos are inspirations for many of my freehands :)), Most of them are based on simple principle - highly contrast well defined shapes with minimal shadings. Works like a charm for anything from banners to kill marks.
  20. Sukigod's Avatar
    I've got an old Basilisk and a Rhino that I'm going to turn into gun trukks/looted wagons. I balk at the Forgeworld prices though as I'm pretty good at finding weapons on toys at the local thrift stores.

    I've also got a Landraider tthta I've alsways hesitated carving up into a tru battlewagon since it was always nice to be able to loot that - not any more. Carve away!

    Oh, and Chern Ann said he'd look into that Bandwidth ban thing for me - I hope he resolves it soon.
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