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  1. First 40K Gameday of the Season

    As I mentioned in a previous blog my friends and I only play Warhammer 40K from October to April to as the summer months here in Minnesota are taken up with yardwork, house projects and travel. This last weekend was our first Gameday of the '07-'08 season.

    We had three new(ish) tables to play on this year. A swamp/marsh, which in my opinion, was the best looking table this time. A fall colored midland forest that I think could have used and extra small ruin or two to liven up the table ...
  2. The Pendulum Swings Back - Terrain!

    My hobby swing has come back around to the 40K and miniatures world. This weeks obsession is with terrain. My gaming group doesn't play 40K very often, maybe 5-6 times a year, so I like to have new and interesting terrian to play on each time. This makes it easier to justify the scenarios and gives better narative to play by. We have the prerequisite forest, plains, mountainous, desert and ruined citiescape battlefields. We used 4x6 mdf boards covered by terrain matching cloth. Over this is placed ...
  3. The New Orks - Wow!

    To understand this post you will need the information provided at these places:

    Leaked Codex: Ork (Speculation)

    UK Game Day 2007 photos at these locations (the forum has more throughout)

    Ok, ...
  4. Big Shoota Updated

    I've finally gotten around to a reworking of my Big Shoota website. Redesigned to get you to want you want faster! I also have all new photos of my Ork Army, Red Jacks Waaagh!
    You see, i work at an ad agency and we've got a really nice camera, a Canon EOS 5D with a nice 28-135mm lens. We've also got a couple of lights with softboxes. I took them home finally and did whole days photoshoot of my army for the Big Shoota site and here at CMON. I tell ya, the difference between an alright camera ...
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