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  1. Rivets, Rivets, and more Rivets!

    Got a lot or work done on the Battlewagon this weekend due to an extended winter up here in the northland. Got the Big Shoota moutns finished, completed the Kill Kannon mount, added a grot riggers station behind/under the engine, aaaaaandd I started the rebuild of the deff rolla. This almost makes my to do list shorter than my done list - finally. 
    I also started preliminary drawings for the 'ard Case. I need to start looking ahead for this as the mounting points, since they're going ...
  2. Ork Shokk Attack and Trukk Done

    Finished them a while ago - finally have photos!You can vote on them here... 
    I'm also tracking the progress of my scratchbuilt battlewagon here.... 
  3. Shokk Attack Big Mek WIP 2

    Here's the progress on my Shokk Attack Gun Big Mek. Having to paint, assemble, paint more, assemble more.... is making this a long and tricky model to finish. There's some in progress showing the gun prior to glueing to the main body. I wanted to reduce (or eliminate) the amount of greens stuff filler I needed due to time constraints. After test fitting multiple times, I concluded that glueing the arm at a slightly elevated angle allowed most of the other joins to be made on target without patching ...
  4. WIP Big Mek - Shokk Gun

    Started work on my Big Mek with the Shokk Attack Gun finally. This is a giant model. I think the only ork model bigger is Gaz. Very detailed as always and a pleasure to paint. The head and body are done with one week till tournameny to finish him up along with 5 shootas to fill out my points.Here he is in size comparison to the rest of my bigger/special models for color/detial reference. He's a biggie! 
  5. Ork Trukk Done

    I'm done with the trukk - whew! I know it's not my best work but considering the time I put in it's alright with me. I need the time before the tournament to do the Big Mek up right. Besides, this gives me practice for the next trukk, right?Not too much different than the last post about it - less shiney as it's Dullcoted now. I think I went a bit overboard in the distressing of the model and it does come off as waaay too busy, to much to look at and hard to focus. I'll give it one thing though, ...
  6. Ork Turkk -WIP

    I think GW has gone too far. I mean, really. Yeah, yeah, I know. We screamed and shook our fists and banged on the tables for new models, better sculpts and something to make the orks proud. Why the hell did they have to give it to us? Honestly, they've gone far beyond what I would have expected and I'm glad for it. As my previous blogs reported (sound important, doesn't it?) I'm currently finishing up the Ork Trukk and it's a challenge, for a couple of reasons.

    The level of ...
  7. Forging Ahead with the Trukk

    Initial thoughts on the Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun. Skeeve was right about the amount of flash dat critters got on it. Holy crap! It took me nearly an hour to clean it up before primering. The only other model that took that much prep work were the Killa Kans. I assumed it was because the mold was so old, but what's the excuse for the brand spankin' new Big Mek?

    Not all is horrible though. I'm finding myself in a strange state about the new ork models. I'm beginning to dread some ...
  8. Trukk WIP and Apocalypse Surprise.

    I finished the Ork Trukk bed this weekend. There is an amazing amount of detail on such small surface area there. The roll bars are nearly finished as well, then I can move on to the chassis and engine. The chassis should be pretty quick - grey/dirt highlights with quick but subtle metal dry brush and a coat of rusty wash to blend and age/weather the piece. I'm not going to be too picky as it's underneath everything else. I also found a neat little project toy at the local thrift store, for ...
  9. Heavy Metal Trukk

    I started the metal work for my boyz trukk this week. Here's the steps I use.

    I sprayed the panels that are going to be mostly red with Testors Flat Red enamel in two very light coats, then go over all the details I want to be metal with Chaos Black.

    The first photo is all of the metal areas blocked out. This is the longest part of the process, and the most tedious. A note on "doing a clean job" versus the "messiness of orks". I go through ...
  10. New Ork Trukk

    Hmmmm - what to blog about first? Codex or models? It's been a while since I posted pictures so I 'll talk about models. Besides, everyone would rather look at pictures than read, right?

    I picked up the new Ork Bikes and the Trukk this weekend and I have to say it - I like Games Workshop! Not that I never did, just that I feel they did the new ork vehicles justice. My first thoughts were "it's smaller than it looked in the pics online." But that's ok, if it were larger I'd ...
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