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Painting and Modeling

  1. Kans Color Scheme

    I started my "colorful" kan by blocking in the major colors so I could get a feel for how it'll work. I've primed this one white since I'm not metalizing the whole thing. The colors are primer white, Deneb Stone, Mechrite Re and Chaos Black. Yes, I'm working primarily in GW/Citadel colors due to availablity in my area.I like using the Foundation Paints for basing certain colors. I'm experiementing with the Deneb Stone as a base color for the areas I want in Khaki. I laso love using the ...
  2. Killer Kans WIP - Start

    I recently started work on a squad of Killer Kans to fill out a couple hundred points for my tournament army. About a year ago I assembled/painted three Ork Dreadnoughts but did so in a bit of a rush. Simple black with metallic drybrushing, a standard 5 or maybe a 5.5 here on CMON. Now that my skills are a bit better I want to take some time with these guys and do something special.

    Firstly, I want each to be somewhat different. I'm not into modifying these guys much so the paintjob ...
  3. Finally Finished 2 Boxes of Stormboyz

    What good is a blog if you don't update it?!

    I've finished up a big squad of 16 Stormboyz (whew!). This is the first time I've worked with composite models (plastic/metal) and my, what a pain! I thought the bond between metal parts was fragile, but it seems looking at a plastic/metal bond is as good as dropping from a second story window. Many times I had to re-glue an arm during the painting process.

    I also found out that the superglue accelerant I use will melt plastics ...
  4. CMON Mass Effect

    Number one in a long list of observations that I find interesting. Sometimes I'll put a name to such observations such as this one I call the CMON Mass Effect.

    I'm sure there's away to mathematically project this and it may be interesting someday to work out all the angles but for now I'll just try to sum this up quickly.

    CMON Mass Effect: The condition resulting in posting models in groups will increase the overall average score of any one individual model in said group. ...
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