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J. Luis Mellado Valle: Miniaturas y modelismo

Blog dedicado al arte del modelismo y pintura de ministuras y maquetas.

  1. Painting: Glaivewraith Stalkers

  2. Painting: Chainrasp Horde

  3. OFFICIAL Games Workshop base sizes for Age of Sigmar conversion table

    Finally Games Workshop had published an official list of base sizes for their AoS range of miniatures in their last FAQ, including old Warhammer ones. So I decided to update my previos conversion table, with relations between Age of Sigmar bases and previos Warhammer rectangular bases and sizes, and the adapter/converter from SOLO ediciones to use both without removing neither.
    Here you are (if not showing, you need to open this post to display the list):
  4. Painting: Black Knights

  5. Paintng: Ghoul King / Strigoi

  6. Painting: Zombies (quick method)

  7. Painting: Zombie Dragon

  8. New spanish Youtube channel

    Hello. A few weeks ago I launched my own painting and modeling Youtube cannel.
    Agujero Hobby (hobby hole, in spanish) has old videos from previous channel project where I was participating as designer, editor and miniature painter. Now, I've decided to show my job for myself.

    As all my videos and work are ever FREE, I need your support to continue doing it. Please, think in contribute and donate for a simple coffee, I'll thank you very much:
  9. Vargheists painting video

  10. Dwarf Slayer painting video

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