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  1. TWO summer Auctions DRYAD and DWARF LORD

    Dear Guys!! A long time since my last auction there. After a while, finally there you have them ready!! :-)     EBAY DRYAD CMON DRYAD   EBAY Dwarf Lord CMON DWARF
  2. Vampire Count Lord Winged AUCTION

    Amazing sculptwork from Seb Perbet I hope you like it. EBAY LINK

  3. Imperial Guard KriegAUCTION Summer Scheme

    Hi There!!!
    Here you have my second Kriegg miniature. Those guys are amazing!! I strongly feel I will buy some commisar soon ;-)
    For this one I tryed to paint his robe with a really important light over him so in photos it seems sobreexpose but it is real


     Comments are more than welcome!!
  4. Lathiem from Enigma Miniatures

    Hi there!! Here you have my second Latorre´s miniature. An amazing sculptwork to create a fantastic barbarian I hope you like it. I tryed to sature all colours to generate a vivid image composition oposit to my last mini (the krieg) where I used all cold colours.           This mini is also for sale for 400 euros. If you are interested drop me some lines to my mail  Enjoy!!!
  5. Imperial Guard Krieg BUY IT NOW

  6. Eldar Autarch Highly Converted AUCTION

    New auction this week. EBAY LINK CMON LINK

    Converted by Ivan Santurio some time ago :-D
    thanks for Thomas David and all his inspirative work :-D
    Comments are always more than welcome guys!!!! see ya!
  7. Priest of Sigmar AUCTION

  8. Imperial Guard Commisar AUCTION

  9. New Chaos Lord Terminator AUCTION 2.0!!

    Hello everybody!!! After sometime I finally painted this guy my brother Simon converted some time ago. It is almost greenstuff.. I will try to fond some pics of the miniature unpainted. EBAY LINK: CMON LINK: I started his armour painting in reds but I didn´t like the result so I repainted it with golds with different oil tones. ...
  10. Chaos Lord Terminator AUCTION!!

    Hello! There we go with my new Auction. This time a Chaos Lord of warhammer 40k. TRying to use different colours and enviroment than the usual marines. Hope you like it!! The link to EBAY: The link to cMON: Cheers!!

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