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  1. Nuevo curso de pintura en Barcelona 19 y 20 Julio

    Hola a todos.
    Después de un tiempo hemos conseguido organizado un nuevo curso de pintura en Barcelona.

    El lugar será en un estudio en la calle C/ General Palafox.

    La duración del curso será de 16 horas a lo largo de el fin de semana. El curso será el sabado y domingo 19 y 20 de julio con plazo máximo de inscripción el 13 de julio. El número máximo de plazas será de 8 personas y el precio del curso de 120 euros.

    El temario será el que ...

      Dear Guys!! Before a sirious update of my blog, there you have a preview. Love all those tale revision minis. I think it was one of our best ideas ever which tell everithing about us...hahaha   In addition I am planing a new painting course for 19-20 July in Barcelona.     ENJOY
  3. Vampire Count Lord Winged AUCTION

    Amazing sculptwork from Seb Perbet I hope you like it. EBAY LINK

  4. First sirious historical attempt: Highlander wip

    Hello there! This is my first sirious historical miniature as title said :-) Nothing strange and no colour experiments were done on him. At this moment I just trying to feel good painting this scale :-) One of my biggest problems painting a new miniatures are concerning the colour scheme and enviroment so painting this beauty I am feeling extremely relaxed because you have a fixed scheme.    Photos are not cool but I believe are good enough to see how it is going on... ...
  5. Reposting some lost pictures

    Two months ago or so I lost all images I had uploaded to my site due to changes in my profile and nick. I didn´t have enought time until now to re-upload those images so there you have!!       Eeeenjoy!!
  6. Imperial Guard KriegAUCTION Summer Scheme

    Hi There!!!
    Here you have my second Kriegg miniature. Those guys are amazing!! I strongly feel I will buy some commisar soon ;-)
    For this one I tryed to paint his robe with a really important light over him so in photos it seems sobreexpose but it is real


     Comments are more than welcome!!
  7. April new Releases TOW

    Today we are proud to anounce our next bunch of new releases.
    We created a new vision of the historical world mixing with fantasy proportions we strongly feel you will find interesting. With this idea we tryed to demolish the wall between fantasy and historical.   TALE OF WAR MINIATURES WEB SITE         We will be still working in innovating and creating miniatures as original and impressive as possible. Thank you very much, Tale of War Team.
  8. Pepito Grillo

    Hola Chicos/as!Aqui estoy de vuelta y vuelta con el pequeño Pepito Grillo la mala conciencia de pinocho. Como veis me estoy pintando todos y cada uno de los Tale Revision y es que para mi tienen un no se qué, que qué se yo... que me encantan. El pinocho no tardara mucho en caer. Este pequeño es un regalo para mi Girlfriend;D
     Supongo que la eleccion de colores no hace falta explicarla asi que me meto directo al lio. Todo el esquema de "piel" ...
  9. Space Wolf Lord painted

    After some days of innactivity again due to bandwidth problems, I am here again!!! I will need to post all photos in imageshack I think...XD   EEEEnjoy!!!Comments are always welcome!! Saul 
  10. Space Wolf Conversion by my brother Simon Remis

    Some time from my lsat update! :-D So there you have my last brother´s conversion:  Photos are not good but I am painting this conversion and it is looking great guys!! I will try to post the finished painted mini soon :-DEeeenjoy!!! Saul      
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