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  1. Lathiem from Enigma Miniatures

    Hi there!! Here you have my second Latorre´s miniature. An amazing sculptwork to create a fantastic barbarian I hope you like it. I tryed to sature all colours to generate a vivid image composition oposit to my last mini (the krieg) where I used all cold colours.           This mini is also for sale for 400 euros. If you are interested drop me some lines to my mail  Enjoy!!!
  2. Fotos de curso de pintura

    Hola a todos chicos, Aqui os pongo un link a toda la galeria de fotos del curso añadiendo un par de ellas que ha hecho Skorpia.     Aqui os dejo el link a la galeria completa: LINK Espero queos halla gustado el curso pero sobre todo que os resulte útil. teneis mi movil y email para cualquier duda o pregunta.Un abrazo a todos y encantado de haber compartido estos dos dias con vosotros. 
  3. Imperial Guard Krieg BUY IT NOW

  4. New Releases Tale of War: March

    Today 17 of March we are proud to anounce our first new releases for this year.
    As we have been doing for the last months, we present a new TALE REVISION we hope you like it.

    And two new characters for our Fotogramas serie as well.
    We will be still working in innovating and creating miniatures as original and impressive as possible.

    Thank you very much,

    Tale of ...
  5. Imperial Guard KRIEG

    I have painted this miniature trying to follow a cold scheme with all blue colours including leather and fur.Painted with acrylics, oils and airgraph.It is forsale at the price of 120 euros plus shipping costs. If you are interested just drop me some lines at
  6. Photo wip of my actual auction Eldar autarch

    A really BIG photo of my Eldar autarch, It was unfinished as you can see but his face was almost finished and I pretty happy with the result.   EBAY LINK   I didn´t paint the usual black dot in his eyes because I strongly feel it looks better this way :-D As addition I have lost aaall my statistics so I am restarting! haha SEE YA GUYS!!
  7. Eldar Autarch Highly Converted AUCTION

    New auction this week. EBAY LINK CMON LINK

    Converted by Ivan Santurio some time ago :-D
    thanks for Thomas David and all his inspirative work :-D
    Comments are always more than welcome guys!!!! see ya!
  8. Priest of Sigmar AUCTION

  9. Curso de Pintura por Saul Remis

    Hola a todos. Finalmente he decidido impartir un curso de pintura en Asturias, Gijón. El lugar será el estudio que tenemos en Cimadevilla (Gijón) este mes de Marzo. La duración del curso será de 16 horas a lo largo de dos sábados consecutivos. En pricipio serán el 15 y 22 de Marzo salvo que la gente esté ocupada en semana santa. El número de plazas será de 7 personas y el precio del curso de 120 euros. El temario será el que sigue:PRIMER SABADO: -Teoría básica de pintura: conceptos ...
  10. Imperial Guard Commisar AUCTION

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