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  1. Priest of Sigmar WIP Sugestions?

    A new miniature incomming!! :-D I am happy with this face I hope you like it. COLORS (basic mixes (aprox)):Base: Brown Sand + Cad. redy + brown orange.Lights: elf flesh, space grey wolvesShadows: Cad. redy + brown flesh + blackGlazes: some oranges, red colors and some pink for the scar Suggestions?
  2. New Chaos Lord Terminator AUCTION 2.0!!

    Hello everybody!!! After sometime I finally painted this guy my brother Simon converted some time ago. It is almost greenstuff.. I will try to fond some pics of the miniature unpainted. EBAY LINK: CMON LINK: I started his armour painting in reds but I didn´t like the result so I repainted it with golds with different oil tones. ...
  3. Bogeyman from TALE of WAR Miniatures FINISHED

    Finished!!! After a looong time painting this big guy it is finished! Using all brown colours adding greens and oranges. Enjoy!
  4. Chaos Lord Terminator AUCTION!!

    Hello! There we go with my new Auction. This time a Chaos Lord of warhammer 40k. TRying to use different colours and enviroment than the usual marines. Hope you like it!! The link to EBAY: The link to cMON: Cheers!!
  5. Cadian 2006 Single Bronze Spanish golden demon

    Hi everybody!!!Sometimes you feel that you need to do something and this time was one. My brother and me were thinking about paint and sculpt this scene for a long time. We finished this miniature one year ago more or less however we never post it here in CMON. The original idea was about transmit more than just the idea of a good paintjob or sculptwork or the idea of a guy fighting in the 40000 millenium. Transmit other feelings. Hope you like it!!! Let me konw you opinionss
  6. Space Wolf Sargent Converted :GW:

    Some new work :-D I am pretty stisfied by the freehands and armour color. For the armour, I started with a basecoat of "DARK SEA GREY" with a bit of "DARK SEA BLUE". Highlighting using "dark sea grey" and a bit of "space wolves grey". Then I applied the shadows and middle tones with "orange brown" and "cam. black brown". The fur was painted using GW inks. and matt colours. Enjoy!!! (and comments are welcome ...
  7. Bogeyman from TALE of WAR Next Step

    It has been a while from my last post of this big beauty. This time I finished his base using oleos to make it looks colourful. Hope you like it and you will post some comments guys!!!!! Love to read them.
  8. Thorvin : Enigma Miniaturas :

    Hello everybody!. I have painted this miniature two weeks ago. I tryed to follow a warm scheme of colours just using red, orange and leathers and then adding yellows for most metalics. Hope you like it.FOR SALE!! FOLLOW THE LINK:

    It was an easy to paint miniature with an amazing sculptwork. I tryed to draw a butterfly pattern on his chest and left shoulder using beiges, oranges and red colours...

    This one is the second miniature ...
  9. Bogeyman from TALE of WAR Miniatures

    Hello everybody!!This is my first post in this new blog. I will start with some shots from my current WIP miniature. My own version of our BOGEYMAN :-D Hope you like it, I love read comments ;-)cheers!Deucalion
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