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  1. Cryx - Blog 00

    I've been playing warmachine for about 3-4 months now and i started with Cygnar but i'll be running another journeyman slow grow league for the community here in Dubai in March and i'll be testing out my favourite faction, Cryx.
    The models for my battle group will be:
    Venethrax - 6 JP
    Deathjack - 12
    Bloodgorgers - 5
    General Gerlak Slaughterborn - 3
    Malice - 9
    Wraith Engine - 9
    Now i have 3 more points to ...
  2. Captain Kelian Durak - Rackham

    Well as a model to get me back into the swing of painting for 2011 in april i managed to finish this model which i've been dying to paint for a long time. After seeing Automaton's version i drooled over it and after a long time searching i managed to finally get myself the model and painted it in my own style all shiny and sparkly.

  3. Eolith - Demonette

    I painted this as a gift for a friend, but i also wanted to limit the palette i use and make an interesting contrast in the colours used. This is also one of the few models where i've not been lazy with the base and actually made a big effort into the final effects. Im pretty proud of it and the gift was a success so win win all around for me.

  4. Pedro Kantor

    Well as my first commission piece i painted this for some i admire very much and i tried my best to give a good quality paintjob on this model. I was given pretty much free reign on how i approached this model as long as it was in my own personalised style, so approaching the model with NMM and giving it a shiny glossy feel with standard matt paints was really fun especially the blue armour. Anyway here are the results of about 10 days painting after work.
  5. Pirates of the High Seas! - 20 (Finale)

    Well after a long overdue post, Im pretty happy with how the captain turned out and the whole crew, the whole project was to practice weathering and actually working from mid or lighter tones and shading etc, and i think i have learnt alot by doing something im very not used to. Anyway onto the pictures of the Dread Pirate LeChuck and his crew:

    And of course the crew picture with following individual shots  in no particular order:

    Ahab (Ganger): ...
  6. Pirates of the High Seas ! - 19

    Well after another hectic and busy week i managed to finish another pirate model. 8 down 2 to go Now i just need to decide on a name on the last ganger. Any ideas or suggestions?

    And the group shot:
  7. Pirates of the High Seas ! - 18

    Ok so i managed to get some more done this weekend, Murray and Rodger the cabin boys ! These guys are Juves for my gang.

    And of course my usual group shot The whole crew are coming along together nicely now and the group shots are very encouraging for myself to see them grow like this.

    Ok so i'd been asked to do a small tutorial for the skin and NMM on these models so here it is. This is going to be a fairly long post and apologies about the poor image quality, i ...
  8. Pirates of the High Seas ! - 17

    Yaarrrr some more. Finally managed to finish this guy this morning, think i'll be moving onto some grots this weekend. I've been asked about a couple tutorials on how i paint stuff so i might do one for the next ork. Not sure how helpful it'll be with my shoddy photo skills but still i'll give it a try for peeps who are interested. Anyway enough boring chatter from me, some piccys !

    and of course the group shot
  9. Pirates of the High Seas ! - 16

    Well progress has been slow but im hoping i can finish this model this weekend work has a way of getting in the way at times. Oh well, it's still a fun project and i think i might do the grots soon after this one.

  10. Pirates of the High Seas ! - 15

    I managed to paint quite a bit this weekend, im happy with this so far, meathook is the crew mekanik, i will probably end up rusting alot of his armour and bits & parts to give a bit more colour variation and make the model a tad more interesting, but so far im really enjoying this one aswell.
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