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Terrain Modelling Projects

  1. Medium ScrapTech Tire Piles

    After I modeled the first tire pile I knew I needed a few more designs to round out the collection. I started on two medium piles of tires. Each will give partial cover for 28mm miniatures and difficult terrain to move over. The models need a few more finishing touches before it will be ready for mold making.
    I have several other designs planned for the Scraptech tire series. I can say that a pile of burning tires are in the works as well and tire barriers. Comments and suggestions are always ...
  2. New Terrain for a New Armorcast Blog

    Welcome to Ginfritter's Gnomish Workbench. I am the Vice President of Armorcast since Matt and i purchased the company from Tim back in 2007. Over the past three years we have brought back all of the favorite terrain pieces, added new designs as well as expanding into a full fledge miniatures company.
    To start off this new blog I am introducing our new line of ScrapTech Terrain. There will be a wide range of post apocolyptic buildings and terrain features available for 28mm tabletop miniature ...

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