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  1. Eye tutorial

    Quote Originally Posted by ischa View Post
    How about this, I am going to make a tutorial!

    Had a few questions lately about how I make such pretty eyes, so decided to try and put a tut together, might be fun.
    Do remember, my camera is crap, and also, I chose a horrible mini for this, as it is absolutely tiny!(around 18mm o.O)

    Ihe pics shift colours throughout the tut, thats because the light in my room changed as the sun went down, aswell as a little bit of editing to make the process of painting the
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  2. bit of this and that

    Quote Originally Posted by ischa View Post
    Now. those pics were horrible. but i hope it still makes sence. as the mini got further, i liked it more. check it out with proper hair and stuff.Name:  IMG_1300.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_1299.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_1303.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_1301.jpg
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  3. bit of this and that

    Quote Originally Posted by ischa View Post
    Havnt written anything here for a while, so decided to do a wee tutorial. Dont know if there is still interest for it, but got questions a while ago about high contrast skin for dark elves/vampires. So here goes nothing:

    first stage is a basecoat of equal parts liche purple, black and vallejo old rose.

    next, i simply add some more old rose, along with some gw astronomican gray in layers, building up til the result looks like this:
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