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  1. Clearing the decks!

    Well i got a few projects finished recently and getting the mojo built up for starting work on my 2013 Golden Demon entries, still not sure what i will be working on, but a squad entry and a single 40k entry may be taking shape.

    As for my current workload, i am painting the new Tau bits for a break from full armies.

    At the moment its a Riptide, broadside, sunshark and some pathfinders. Scheme is a desert yellow and off white affair. Hopefully using the riptide as ...
  2. Grey Knights progression

    Making progress after finding the painting mojo again after a bout of illness.

    Dug out the box of GK that were mocking me, and armed with my W&N #7's i set too.

    The completed Stormraven came out well, and was the first to set the colour tone for the force, i prefered a darker colour steel, so i was happy to see that it worked well with the contrasting red n white. The heraldry symbol on the side took a lot of fiddling to mask, but the effect looks good. Skulls and ...
  3. Games Day

    Well it was a great day,

    Golden demon saw a lot of lovely entries, my main entry didnt make first cut, but the one i took as a wild card got a finalist pin, and eavy metal painters said i am creating some lovely stuff.

    Bought far too much FW stuff, but well worth it in the end.

    Main result of the day was this:

  4. Duel coming together

    Here be updates!

    I have completed the bulk of the farseer and added the components together.

    The green band on the staff arm is GS to fill in where i joined the staff, it will be painted red to match the cloth\armour.

    Few bits n bobs to finish on him like shading and some colour on the trinkets etc.

    The next step was the lightning, this was made with medium and fine fuse wire, formed individually for the little branches, around a sphere ...
  5. Changes afoot

    Well after some tips on the forums etc, i have changed my design a bit.

    The farseer is now facing the other way round, with the cloak blowing away from the force of the lightning, i also re did the hand more upright and splayed.

    The librarian is a totally new figure, using the arms from the FW model, hopefully this will make the figures more dynamic, throwing some force into the attack\defence.

    I am also flattening out the stairs as i was never going ...
  6. Golden Demon or bust!

    Well last night was the start of my trip to golden demon 2012.

    After a bit of a false start where my base design was wrong for the rules, i have got my design laid out and the plinth and base size defined.

    Models laid out (Place holder GK for farseer).

  7. Back in the saddle!

    Well its been...erm...a while since i posted here.

    TBH i had forgotten about it as life got in the way and i went througha bit of a bad time.

    All is well now, and i have got back into the swing of things, i hope to be more active here and start doing some progress for my build up to entering my first golden demon at this years UKGD.

    I will try and teach myself to use the blog a bit more and try to update regularly.

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